Hey 👋 I am a star in the world of UX/UI design and Content Creator. Multi-disciplinary designer and spiritual creature based in Magdeburg.

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Worked at UniNow, Halen and Share a Chair startup companies. Latest project is Sport Chat that I've designed successfully.

Firuza is a Magdeburg-based product UX/UI designer, content creator and mentor for beginners. She has 2+ years of experience working in startup tech companies like UniNow and Share a Chair in Berlin and an international start up project like Halen in the US-based market.

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Murat Irmak

Product Owner

I’m a Product Owner at Turina, where I work with a great agile team that includes front-end and back-end developers, QAs, a UX designer, and a Scrum Master. One of the standout team members is Firuza, our talented UX designer.

Firuza is excellent at understanding documentation and turning it into creative and effective UX designs. She notices important details and often suggests improvements that benefit our company. Her ability to collaborate and communicate with everyone on the team is outstanding.
At the start of a project, Firuza takes the time to set up systems, standardize processes, and manage workflows and time effectively. This strong foundation helps her work efficiently and consistently deliver high-quality results.

Firuza behaves like a CI-CD machine; continuous integration and development are crucial to our team. Since joining Turina, she has been constantly improving her skills while contributing to our projects. Her dedication and work ethic make her a valuable part of our team.

I highly recommend Firuza as a UX designer. She’s creative, skilled, and great to work with.

Ali Uyanik

Lead UX/UI Designer

Firuza is an exceptional UX/UI designer who consistently impresses with her creativity, punctuality, and expertise in Figma. Her ability to meet deadlines while maintaining a high level of organization ensures that our projects run smoothly. Collaborating with Firuza is a pleasure, as her innovative ideas and attention to detail elevate our designs to new heights. She is truly an invaluable asset to our team, and I have full confidence in her continued success. I’m so lucky to work with her!

Choriny Mbeche

Founder & CEO

Firuza Aliyeva's exceptional performance at Halen® left us in awe! Within just 6 months of joining us as a UI/UX Designer, she showcased her remarkable skills in transforming ideas into visually stunning designs and effectively communicating information. We couldn't be more impressed! 💪🔥 I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a UI/UX designer.

Mehmet Tunckasik

Product Owner

I am delighted to recommend Firuza Aliyeva, a truly exceptional UI/UX Designer at Turina Tech. Since joining our team, Firuza has demonstrated extraordinary talent and dedication. Her ability to transform concepts into visually compelling designs is remarkable. Firuza consistently brings innovative, out-of-the-box ideas to the table, significantly enhancing our projects.
Her creativity, motivation, and exceptional skills make her an invaluable asset to any team. As her Project Manager, I have witnessed firsthand her remarkable contributions and strong work ethic. Anyone looking for a top-tier UI/UX designer will find Firuza to be an outstanding addition.

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